- Kalgoorlie to Norseman -
We camped, for two weeks, six kilometres north of Kalgoorlie, near the abandoned and historic Two Up hut.  The hut was especially built for this original Australian form of gamling.  As the three coins were tossed
high in the air by the Spinner, the roof was built with the centre missing.  Tour groups visit the hut and while I was there, a school group had an excursion and actually played Two Up with obviously fake money.  
Apparently the aim of the excursion, apart from a history lession was to teach the children how easy it is to lose money by gambling.  I do wonder though, about the kids who won on the day.
After 24 hours near the Hut, the amount of traffic was too disruptive
so we moved about a half a kilometre away into the bush.
Two weeks here, and we saw only two other
vehicle camping in the vast, flat area. Dirt
roads wandered everywhere, so the walking
was easy and varied.
One of the reason for this two
week stay was that Kerry and Vikky
were catching up with me here.  
this time, the writing is all on the
and that truck [the once circled in the photo] consumes 398 litres of diesel in the 15 minute journey up the
hill when it is loaded.
That's them - there are only two.
And with the sun setting gloriously on our Kalgoorlie bush camp, we head off again......
This afternoon walking can make a guy hot.  And tired!
And beyond Norseman lies the long trek on the Eyre Highway and the Nullabor.
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